Luskin, Miles say they want Orioles


Baltimore's constant fear of losing the Orioles has brought a couple more prospective buyers to light, according to The Sun.

Appliance store giant Jack Luskin and his nephew, attorney Steven L. Miles, yesterday said they have made some early forays into purchasing the team from Eli Jacobs.

Jacobs indicated in June he may be ready to sell the club. The first Baltimorean to say he would be interested in buying was Leonard "Boogie" Weinglass, the chairman of Merry-Go-Round Enterprises Inc., which operates a chain of clothing stores.

"It always amazes me to hear it said that the Birds are locked up with a 15-year lease," said Miles, who was one of the first lawyers to advertise his trade on TV. "Bull. Owners from a new area who might want to move the team would look at that 15-year lease as part of a buy-out. All it means is we'd be stuck with a long-term lease."

Jacobs bought the team for $80 million from the estate of former owner Edward Bennett Williams. Some have speculated the price of the club today could be as much as $125 million and one published report indicated the team, along with the new Camden Yards stadium, is worth at least $200 million.

Miles said Luskin would own 95 percent of the team while he would own the other 5 percent and run the day-to-day affairs.

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