Dog goneSchottzie, the St. Bernard mascot of...


Dog gone

Schottzie, the St. Bernard mascot of the Cincinnati Reds, was put to sleep yesterday and buried in the back yard of owner Marge Schott.

Schottzie had been crippled by bone cancer, and her weakened shoulder bone broke yesterday.

"Mrs. Schott, friends and veterinarians did not want Schottzie to suffer and since there was no hope of recovery, she was put to peace," a team release said. "There was a small gathering of friends to say goodbye and she was placed in her favorite spot outside the rose garden at Mrs. Schott's home, proudly wearing her Cincinnati Reds cap."

Gatorade signs Jordan

Gatorade has recruited basketball star Michael Jordan for its advertising and his first ad for their drink -- a splashy eight-page foldout -- appeared up in this week's issue of Sports Illustrated.

Published reports have said Gatorade has agreed to pay Jordan $18 million for 10 years to be its spokesman.

Pool pull

We've heard of some great modern-day injuries, but it will be hard to top the classic that befell San Diego Padres reliever Larry Andersen on July 27.

It seems he slipped as he was getting out of his Jacuzzi, strained a muscle in his chest, and was out for a week.

Asked by the Philadelphia Inquirer whether he knew the exact medical term for this ailment, Andersen replied: "It's a Jacuzzitusion."

Valle of the dumps

Life isn't easy when you're on the road to becoming the worst hitter in the history of baseball. Just ask .154-hitting Seattle Mariners catcher Dave Valle.

A restaurant and bar near the Kingdome, Swannie's, has launched a special promotion, entitled "Dave Valle Days." Whatever Valle's batting average is, that's what you pay for a beer. So the current price is $1.52, up from $1.36.

Owner Jim Swanson said Valle isn't happy with the promotion, "But he's hitting 16 points better since we did it, so he'd better shut up."

The quote

Veteran NFL wide receiver Roy Green: "Maybe I have lost a step, but I had a few to lose."

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