Advantage, Bethesda in discussions GOLF


Discussions continue between Advantage International, promoter of the LPGA Championship, and host site Bethesda Country Club on whether the club will play host to the event next year.

Following the June tournament, the second year the championship had been at Bethesda, the word was that a decision would be made by the end of July regarding a contract for next year. It appears likely the event will return to Bethesda, but the issue is still under discussion.

"We sent a letter to Bethesda stating our intent and our concerns and I understand they are meeting to talk about it," tournament director Hal Seward said yesterday, speaking for Advantage. It is understood Advantage would pick up the option year on the contract, but with no improvement in terms.

"They are talking about negotiating. From our point, there is nothing to negotiate, but if Bethesda thinks so, we'll talk," Seward added.

Following a meeting among Bethesda CC members last night, Jim Silman, club president, said, "We are going to draft a letter in reply to Advantage International, letting them know there are several things to be decided upon. It will be a little less formal than theirs and will say we'd like to sit down and talk, hopefully as soon as possible.

"They say they are picking up the option, but the details have to be agreeable to Bethesda Country Club. If not, it won't be accepted. We haven't even talked dates yet, but we understand the dates have already been announced as firm. Still, the contract gives us the right to accept or reject them."

As is often the case in negotiations (or discussions, or talks), the two sides begin far apart and eventually reach a compromise. Right now, though, it is simply "parry and thrust."

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