'Another You,' another comedy with Wilder and Pryor, is a dud


It's hard to resist calling "Another You" "Another Bomb."

The film, starring Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor, plays like an unsuccessful remake of an unsuccessful French comedy. It's that bad.

Somewhere through the unwinding of this curiosity, one of the characters asks, "Will somebody please tell me what is going on?" It's a fair question. The film is on hour old before we get any plot. Before that, all we know is that George, played by Wilder, is a pathological liar who has been confined to an institution, and that Eddie Dash, played by Pryor, is a con man who has talked his way out of jail by agreeing to do community service. It turns out the community service is acting as a companion to the released mental patient.

When George is released, a number of people mistake him for a billionaire named Abe. But we soon find out it's a ruse. All these people are apparently actors who have been hired by Abe's business manager, Dibbs (Stephen Lang). Dibbs needs to have someone impersonate Abe, the deceased heir to a brewery.

Don't ask how all this works because it doesn't. All you need to know is that Dibbs needs an impersonator in order to take zTC control of the brewery himself. If you're going to see the film, you should know this from the start because if you don't, you'll be wondering, for more time than the movie is worth, exactly what is happening.

Pryor plays Dash very laid back. Wilder, in his manic style, tries to make something of this material, but nothing short of a miracle would help.

This is the fourth time that Wilder and Pryor have paired. Their first two films, "Silver Streak" and "Stir Crazy," were very successful. The third, "See No Evil, Hear No Evil," did reasonably well but was far less successful than the first two. This one will probably flop.

There are precisely three laughs in "Another You," but they certainly are not worth the time it takes to sit through the film. It's showing at local theaters. It should have gone directly to videocassette. Far better films have.

"Another You"

* A pathological liar is set up to take the place of another man who has died.

CAST: Gene Wilder, Richard Pryor, Mercedes Ruehl, Stephen Lang, Vanessa Williams, Jerry Hauser

DIRECTOR: Maurice Phillips

RATING: PG-13 (language)

RUNNING TIME: 93 minutes

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