3 men die of gunshot wounds one may have been bystander


The police searched for clues in the killing of a man who was shot to death on Greenspring Avenue yesterday after he had reportedly been abducted at gunpoint in Southwest Baltimore.

The victim, who was identified by acquaintances only as "Paul," died at Liberty Medical Center of a single gunshot wound to the buttocks at 4:20 a.m., about two hours after he was shot in an apartment in the 3700 block of Greenspring Avenue, the police said.

It was not until after the shooting that the police were told that the victim was one of three men who had been taken at gunpoint from their black Sterling automobile to a house on Bloomingdale Avenue, where they had all been bound with electrical cords.

The police said they were told by two of the men who reported the abduction that the third man -- who later turned out to be the Greenspring Avenue shooting victim -- was taken from the Bloomingdale Avenue house in the black Sterling.

The two men told the police that they later managed to free themselves and escape through a back window. They then flagged down a police car and reported the abduction.

The two men said they knew the third man only as "Paul."

Meanwhile, a resident of the apartment on Greenspring Avenue in which the shooting took place told the police that the victim, who they believed to be from New York City, had recently made arrangements to rent a bedroom from them. Early yesterday, they said, he came to the apartment with another man.

The resident of the apartment said that he heard a shot and that the victim ran into the resident's bedroom and collapsed on the floor.

Witnesses told the police they saw two men leave the area in a black four-door Sterling. The car was later found abandoned in the 3200 block of Westmont Avenue.

The police said that they have no suspects in the slaying and that they believed that the homicide and abduction are drug-related.

Pimlico slayings

In an unrelated incident Sunday night that was also thought to be drug-related, two men were killed in a street shooting in Pimlico.

The police said both victims, Antonio Henderson, 20, of the 3700 block of Valley Hill Drive, and Isaac Durant, 25, of the first block of Woodthorne Court, had been shot in the chest.

Investigators said a fully loaded .22-caliber revolver was found next to Mr. Henderson's body when the police arrived on the scene.

Mr. Durant died at Sinai Hospital about a half hour after the 10 p.m. shooting.

Two teen-agers who witnessed the shooting said they were walking in the 3100 block of Woodland Avenue when Mr. Henderson pulled his revolver and told them to get out of the way.

The teen-agers said they ran but did not see the person against whom Mr. Henderson had pulled his gun.

But the police said Mr. Henderson was unable to get off a shot before he was wounded in the chest and fell to the ground. The police said Mr. Durant had been walking toward Mr. Henderson at the time of the shooting and may not have been an intended victim.

Although police said they have no suspects, they again felt that the shooting was drug-related.

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