The county Department of Utilities is conducting smoke tests in the Brooklyn area bordered by Baltimore City to the north and east, Route695 to the south and Route 895 to the west.

These tests are 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. through Sept. 30.

A crew of three to four technicians places blowers on manholes, forcing smoke into the sewer lines, and observing where it escapes.

The smoke should escape from the roof vents of each house.

Fliersdescribing the tests are being delivered to each house in the affected area about 48 hours in advance.

Each flier explains to residents what precautions to take to prevent the entry of smoke into the house.

This survey helps the department to evaluate the condition of the sanitary sewer system, by identifying defects in the piping that could allow rain or ground water into the system.

The survey also checks the condition of the sanitary piping in each house, and locates any leaks.

There will be no difference in service.

In some locations, there may be temporary street congestion due to equipment placement.

Information: 222-7586.

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