Winning, you know, the battleThe U.S. team...


Winning, you know, the battle

The U.S. team scored a linguistic victory even though it lost yesterday's final to Spain in the Federation Cup.

With a lot of help from her teammates, 15-year-old Jennifer Capriati said she has won her battle to rid the dreaded words "you know" from her vocabulary.

Capriati is famous for her frequent use of "you know" at the beginning, middle and end of sentences.

Writers often compete during news conferences to count how many "you knows" Capriati can utter in a minute. But Capriati said that is a thing of the past.

"I just saw myself on TV and I definitely realized how many times I said it. I told my teammates to hit me every time I said it," Capriati said.

Gigi Fernandez, Mary Joe Fernandez and Zina Garrison obliged, poking or glaring at Capriati each time she used the phrase during the early days of the week-long Federation Cup.

He wore track -- not golf -- spikes

Charles Moore's final round of the U.S. Senior Open wasn't timed, but it was fast. Seriously fast.

Moore was the first man off the tee yesterday at Oakland Hills Country Club and he played alone, with a panting USGA official observer trying to keep up with him.

Moore played the front side in 41 strokes and very nearly on a dead run.

He played so quickly that he caught up with the crew that was cutting the cups on the back nine. He had to slow down to wait for the holes to be cut.

He finished with a 78 for 311, 31 over par.

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