Westminster family held up at gunpoint none seriously hurt


Four members of a Carroll County family were awakened early yesterday in their Westminster home by two teen-age intruders who held them briefly at gunpoint and fled after stealing cash, weapons and a pickup truck, state police reported.

The youths, both 15 and from Westminster, were slightly injured and captured minutes later when the stolen Ford pickup truck was wrecked during high-speed pursuit by the police.

One youth, whose identity was not released, was charged as an adult with burglary, armed robbery and attempted murder. Police said that he was acquainted with the family. The second youth was charged as a juvenile with burglary and armed robbery.

Police said that they knew of no motive other than robbery.

The family members -- Arthur Lockard, 47; his wife Janis, 44; and the couple's 17-year-old daughter Denise and 14-year-old son David -- were roused from sleep about 1 a.m. by two intruders who had entered the house on Old Hanover Road through the unlocked garage door, said state police Cpl. R. Scott Yinger.

The intruders had armed themselves with weapons found in the house before awakening the family and shepherded the Lockards into the living room, Corporal Yinger said. One kept guard while another ransacked the house, collecting weapons and $60 in cash, according to police.

At one point, Mr. Lockard grabbed the shotgun held by one youth in an attempt to overpower him, police said. In the struggle, a lamp was broken, and Mr. Lockard cut his foot on the glass. The struggle ended when the second youth threatened to hurt the 14-year-old son, who was being held at gunpoint.

The youths fled with six rifles and shotguns and ammunition, taking Mr. Lockard's 1977 Ford pickup truck, police said. As they were leaving, Mr. Lockard ran to a neighbor's home and called police.

Troopers already were in the area and arrived three minutes later, in time to give chase to the pair in the pickup as they fled south on Route 97.

Three troopers gave chase for 13 minutes, reaching speeds of 80 mph. At one point, Trooper First Class Phillip L. Henry drove his cruiser in front of the Ford in an attempt to head it off and was rammed by the truck.

The chase ended when the pickup truck ran out of control, flipped and rolled over several times and came to rest in the front yard of a home on Bachmans Valley Road just west of Maryland Route 30, police said.

Both youths and Trooper Henry were treated for minor injuries at Carroll County General Hospital, police said.

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