Name: Donald J. HobartHonored by The Carroll...


Name: Donald J. Hobart

Honored by The Carroll County Sun for: Having a permanently endowed scholarship fund named for him by the Physical Therapy Alumni Association, University of Maryland at Baltimore

Age: 50

Residence; hometown: Westminster; Cherow, S.C.

Education: Bachelor of science degree in physical education from Western Maryland College; master of science in physical education and doctorate in kinesiology, the study of human movement, from the University of Maryland College Park

Family: Wife: Janice, 49, chairwoman of the counseling department at Westminster High School; daughters: Dona, 26, a third-year medical student at UMAB, and Kim, 28, a director forOlsen Temporaries in Rockville, Montgomery County

Place of worship: Ascension Episcopal Church, Westminster

Activities/hobbies: Assistant chairman and associate professor of the department of physicaltherapy, UMAB; recognized as a driving force in the PT Alumni Association; enjoys woodworking; past president of Baltimore Woodworkers Guild; member, Carroll County Arts Council; board of directors, CarrollCounty Historical Society; juried member of Carroll County Crafts Guild; enjoys backpacking, camping and traveling

Accomplishments: Was secretary general of the Congress of the International Society of Electro-Physiology Kinesiology in Baltimore in August 1990, when 200 scientists from 18 countries met; has written two medical textbooks, "The Muscular Skeletal System" and "The Dissection of Human Anatomy" and numerous scientific articles; has taught the gifted and talented program for and is a member of the Scientific Council of the Maryland Academy of Science/Science Center

Recipient's comments: "This is quite an honor. I'm still floating on that. I didn't know they named it after me until they presented it to me at the banquet. The endowment has $10,000 in it, and one of the things I did was to start a Senior Pledge. Our seniors have pledged to the annual fund and about 99 percent of the graduates over the last three years have pledged, and all the monies they have pledged will go into the scholarship fund."

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