EDITOR'S NOTE: Bonni Crispin of Hampstead is in Australia as part ofa 4-H International Exchange Program. She was profiled in the April 7 Carroll County Sun. This is her first report from the Land Down Under since she left.

SYDNEY, Australia -- I made it! When we finallylanded in Sydney, I had been in the air for 20 1/2 hours with brief stops.

After an hour of anticipation (did my luggage make it?), we stepped outside to fresh spring-like Australian air. We spent June 24-29 in Honolulu, then June 30-July 2 in Sydney touring the sites.

Sydney is so different from Baltimore -- cleaner for one, -- but I was surprised to see so many different ethnic groups represented throughout the city.

On to our host families. July 2-8 I spent with the Hunt family of Goulborn, New South Wales. During my week I met many wonderful people. We toured the countryside during the day, seeing a lot ofAustralian history.

Goulborn was the first major city of Australia some 203 years ago. Goulborn is the size of Westminster. It really interested me since I am a history major.

During the night we wentto various pubs due to the drinking age of 18. It fascinated me to see how responsible these teen-agers were for the lives of friends -- they always used the safe driving methods, or called a taxi.

Currently, I am at Silver Wattle Sheep Station, July 9-14. So far, it has rained daily, but that doesn't stop us from seeing the "bush."

I had thought kangaroos would be everywhere -- I have seen two, but am told I'll see more tonight when the group goes on a Rabbit Run. A Rabbit

Run is what it sounds like -- you blind a rabbit, then everyoneruns after it and tries to catch it.

We mustered in the cashmere goats today -- off of a mountain that has a 68 percent grade. No lie!The enclosed picture is one taken of me while we were combing and banding the goats -- luckily, this one is a female cute little bugger.

Australia is wonderful.

The rest of the time we are going back to Sydney, then up to Cauns and the Barrier Reef. I'd personally rather stay in the Goulborn area due to my new friends.

Australia has always been a country I want to visit. I unfortunately do not want toleave. I could definitely pick up and move here.

As Peter, the owner of Silver Wattle, said, "The scenery will always remain the same,but the people won't, so if you love the people, stay with them." That message is tempting.

A quick thank you to The Carroll County Sun and all my sponsors who have made it possible for me to come over. I am ready to give you my overview from "The Land Down Under."

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