Carroll's Library Board of Trustees, denied 1991-1992 capital funding for system expansion, voted Wednesday to renew their request for 1993.

Although the County Commissioners denied or postponed until 1998 all library capital budget requests this year, board members said the system's needs are unchanged. The county's capital budgets are submitted on a five-year plan.

Director Martha M. Makosky said library budget figures should be similar to last year's, even though the county Bureau of Building Construction has to update costs based on inflation and square footage.

"The budget office said they only want to see what the commissioners agreed to in their five-year plan," said Makosky. "But we'll go ahead with our (own) five-year plan, since we had no opportunity to discuss it."

Financial crises brought on by growing 1991 deficits prevented library and county officials from debating the 1992 capital budget, she said.

The proposed capital budget for fiscal 1993 -- which begins July 1, 1992 -- is due to the county planning commission onAug. 6. After the planning commission makes recommendations on the five-year plan, the proposed budget is sent to the County Commissioners for final approval.

Topping the list of library priorities is $646,100 for a mainframe computer to process new library materials, allowing CCPL to terminate a contract with the Baltimore County Public Library.

Library officials predict that next year the arrangement -- in which Carroll pays 3.5 cents for every book processed, based on circulation -- will begin costing the county more money than if they ran the program themselves.

County libraries circulated 2,173,512 materials last fiscal year, up 12.4 percent from the year before, Makosky said.

"That's a hefty increase," she said. "Four or five percent is more like normal for most libraries."

Rising circulation prompted the board to ask for $141,100 to plan in 1993 to expand the Eldersburg branch to 25,000 square feet. Another $1,901,700 is requested for renovations and building in 1994 and 1995.

Other proposed building projects include $133,500 to rent space in 1993 for Sandymountas an interim measure to service the growing area, Makosky said.

Relocating headquarters combined with a 25,000-square-foot library between 1995 and 1997 in Sandymount would cost $200,000 to buy land, $443,200 to plan and $5,474,700 to build the headquarters.

New branch costs would be $500,000 for land, $471,500 to plan and $6,510,800 for construction. Plans are pending to either build or rent space for a library in New Windsor.

A 4,000-square-foot library would cost $100,000 to plan in 1993 and $1,646,300 more for construction in 1994.Rental costs were unavailable.

In other library budget news, the board revised its fiscal 1992 operating budget by redistributing $76,000 left over from the previous year's budget.

The money was savedby delaying the hiring of replacements and by not receiving an anticipated $50,000 budget cut from the state.

Since state budget woes are expected to continue, the board voted to keep $50,000 in reserve in case money is cut next year. The remaining money will be used to ease the hiring freeze in effect since early April.

"This will be good for the staff," said Makosky. "There has been an increase in business, but no increase in employees."

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