On Thursday, July 11, the Jaded was one game out of first place in the Gemmettes League at Brunswick Columbia lanes. I have a feeling theteam's got a shot at moving into first place.

Just a hunch? OK, ahunch based on figures.

The Jaded team consists of Leonie Cawley, Linda Chaffman, Sue Johnston and Karen Sapp. They have the Team High Series Scratch with a powerful 1,996 total. They have the Team High Game Scratch with a nice769. They have the Team High Game Handicap with an 823 total. And they're third in the Team High Series Handicap with 538.

Johnston has the Individual High Series Scratch with a 563, while Sapp is third.Cawley is third in the Individual High Game scratch with 213, four pins off the pace set by Maxine Bornyek. And Linda Chaffman is third in the Individual High Game Handicap with 233, eight pins behind Bornyek's 241.

This is a 16-team league, with four bowlers on each team. That means 48 of Columbia's best women bowlers are competing. And the Jaded team ranks with the best.

Sapp, of Glenwood, carries a 171 average and has a high game of 200. Her 538 set is, of course, her season high. Chaffman, of Ellicott City, has a 147 average; her career high set is 634, high game is 210. Chaffman's only been bowling since 1986 and throws a 12-pound ball.

Johnston, of Catonsville, has a 176 average with a high game of 563 -- which leads the league -- and a career-high game of 235. Her best set is 615. Johnston has thrownthat 235 game three different times; not a bad rut to be stuck in. The self-employed genealogist has been bowling for about 10 years.

"I really enjoy the league," she said. "There's such a wide variety of folks that bowl in the league and everyone is friendly.

"There'sonly one drawback to bowling, as far as I'm concerned," Johnston continued. "That's folks that I know who keep asking me why I bowl, as if bowling weren't in the same class with other sports. Bowling, to me, is just as difficult to master as tennis or golf or any other sport. I wish that the people who don't bowl would understand that the olddays of beer-swilling, cigar-chomping, all-male bowling 'alleys' aredead and gone."


Cawley, of Columbia, carries a 169 average, with a career-high game of 264 and a high series of 624. Her husband, Frank, averages about 200.

Leonie took a rather roundabout way getting to Columbia Lanes; her home town is Cape Town, South Africa.

But Cawley didn't learn to bowl there. "I learned to bowl in Japan," she said. "My husband was stationed there with the U.S. Navy."

And about that hunch: The last two years, in the winter leagues, the team has finished first.


Last year, the Brunswick Normandy lanes went to a synthetic bowling surface. How are the bowlers doing on the new surface? Glad you asked.

In April, John Crooks, bowlingin the Social Security League, threw a 300 game on lanes 27 and 28.

On May 30, Robert McCray, bowling in the Phantom Ball League, shota 733 series, including a 300 game.

On June 25, Ed Lanehart, bowling in the Men's Scratch Triples, came close to that 300 with a 299. Ed's now bowling in the Eastern Area Senior Tournament Club. It's just a matter of time before he throws that 300 game; he's had two 298s and two 299s.

"The next time," Lanehart said, "the 300 will be there."

On July 9, Scott Holden in the Men's Scratch Triples shot games of 224-258-247 and, yes indeed, 300. That's a very nice 1,029 series. Holden uses a 16-pound Red Rhino bowling ball to carry a 206 average; he has a high series of 771 and the 300 was his first one. Holden lives in Ellicott City, bowls at Kings Point on Wednesday nights and is a member of the 700 Club.


As you know, if you want to bowl duckpins, you have to go out of the county. That's what John Fisher of Laurel does -- to great effect. Fisher, 22, lives in Laurel withhis parents, Sandra and John Fisher, and works as a machine operatorfor Mobern Electric Co.

He carries a 132 average, with a high game of 202 and a high series of 487. He's a graduate of Atholton High School. This is the last year he's been able to compete in the youth duckpin events.

In the 14th annual Youth Duckpin Invitational Championship, at Greenway Bowl East in Baltimore July 14, Fisher placed fourth. The Invitational pits the finest youth duckpin bowlers in the nation -- 60 boys, 60 girls -- against each other.

"I just wasn't following through the way that I should have," Fisher said, "but I'm going to stay with duckpins. I'd like to bowl in the Amateur Duckpin Tour."

They'd like to have you, John.

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