PICK OF THE WEEK: Bob Davis of...

PICK OF THE WEEK: Bob Davis of Tranzfusion would rather not categorize the band. The musicians play rock and roll, much of it from the '60s, but they play other music, too.

"Really good songs are really good songs, no matter what category you're in. The song is king," Mr. Davis said.


The band, which will be at the Firehouse in Salisbury Wednesday and Thursday, has three other members besides Mr. Davis -- brothers Tom and Bobby Malaby and Hank Koenig. All are from the Eastern Shore, and all are full-time musicians.

"We work a lot," Mr. Davis said. "The amount of money you make is relevant but not the reason you do it. The thrill of playing music is what's great, once you've tasted that thrill. . . We have a unique chemistry among ourselves."


Tranzfusion plays in Ocean City almost every night from May until September and also throughout the year in Ocean City and other cities including Salisbury and Frederick and in the Florida Keys.

The band will be at the Purple Moose Aug. 5-8 and Aug. 23-25 and at the Brass Rail Aug. 14-17, Aug. 28-31 and Sept. 1.

ELVIS EXHIBIT: The King's Things, a traveling exhibit of Elvis Presley memorabilia, continues to be on display at the Centre at Salisbury mall through today. There is no charge. Call 548-1600.

IN CONCERT: Comedian Jay Leno, often seen as guest host for Johnny Carson on the "Tonight Show," will be at the Convention Center at 8 p.m. Wednesday. Country singer Garth Brooks will be appearing there at 8 p.m. Aug. 7, and singer Kenny Rogers will present two shows at 6 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. Aug. 14. Tickets are available at the box office and at ticket outlets including Ocean Sounds and Sound Waves. Call 289-8314.

THIS WEEK: New Sensations, tonight through Wednesday, at the Bonfire, 71st Street and Coastal Highway . . . Afterglow, tonight, at Season's Lounge, 118th Street and Coastal Highway . . . Third Eye, tonight, at the Angler, Talbot Street and the bay . . . Savannah, tonight, at the Ocean Club, 49th Street and the ocean; Cheers, tomorrow through Wednesday . . . On the Edge, Wednesday, at the Brass Rail, 48th Street an Coastal Highway . . . Great Train Robbery, tonight and tomorrow at the Paddock, 18th Street and Coastal Highway . . . Opposite Directions, every Wednesday and Thursday, at Big Pecker's, 73rd Street and Coastal Highway . . . Junior Kline and the Recliners, Wednesday, at Fager's Island.