Preston Pairo III's writing ability and love...


Preston Pairo III's writing ability and love of O.C. combine in 0) novel

Friends weren't at all surprised when Preston Pairo III set his latest novel in Ocean City.

He knew the turf, after all.

As a child, he had spent nearly every summer in the Maryland resort town. Not only that, he and his high school sweetheart Moira got married there and stayed to play miniature golf on their honeymoon night.

"I like how people think at the beach," says the 33-year-old Ellicott City resident. "They leave their inhibitions at home."

His fourth book, "Beach Money," revolves around Dallas Henry, a lawyer turned private eye, who Mr. Pairo considers his "extreme alter ego."

"I live kind of a boring life," he confesses.

But when he is in search of thrills, Ocean City isn't the only place he looks. "I'm a traitor," he says. "In two weeks I'm going to Myrtle Beach, instead of Ocean City. I'm looking for some better waves."

5/8 D. Anne Browne got involved in the fitness business for one simple reason: She wanted to look 25 forever.

For the moment at least, the 34-year-old personal trainer has met her goal. In fact, she's surpassed it. At 25, she wore a size 7; now she's a size 5.

"Anything's possible," she says. "You just have to want it. You have to want it like you want air."

A physical therapy assistant at the Bennett Institute, a sports medicine clinic on the grounds of Children's Hospital, she's helped treat many well-known athletes sidelined by injuries, including Jim Palmer, Pam Shriver and Randy Milligan.

Several years ago, she decided to parlay her knowledge and enthusiasm into Forever Fit, a personal training business. Today she caters to high-powered executives and their wives, charging roughly $45 an hour to help them go for the burn.

"People think a trainer's going to do everything for them," says Ms. Browne, a former competitive bodybuilder who lives in Reisterstown. "A trainer helps you develop the habit of exercise. I never contract with people to become their lifelong buddy."

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