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Windows on the Bay

Windows on the Bay Pasadena, 255-1413. Tucked into an Anne Arundel County marina, Windows on the Bay is an attractive, informal restaurant with superb food and a great view. With an indoor dining room and a deck not far from dockside, this is the kind of place many would return to as much for the ambience as for the appetizers. But the food is a draw too -- way above average, beautifully presented and served with a reasonable degree of professionalism. The small menu includes pastas, steaks and seafood. The shaved onion rings ($1.75) are a great treat, as are the homemade desserts. But there is little to disappoint here; the chef seems to be on a par with the view. $$ -- moderate. (Last visited 6/91).

Treaty of Paris, Church Circle and Main Street, Annapolis, (301) 269-0990. Feeling frazzled? In the 18th century Maryland Inn, with its gracious restaurant, the Treaty of Paris, you can forget you ever heard the word "stress." A candle-lit, brick-and-beam dining room, a staff that knows how to pamper, and a New American menu that is simultaneously down-home (popovers, pan-fried trout) and luxurious (lobster mousse, chocolate souffle) are potent spirit-lifters. $$$expensive. (Last visited 6/91.)

LYNN WILLIAMS Busan Sushi, 2101 Maryland Ave., 727-2929. Busan Sushi is an entirely delightful hole in the wall. Decorations are one large fan, two screens and two seashells in a goldfish bowl. First, we were served three generous dishes of appetite teasers. Everything that followed -- on two different visits -- was delicious. The tempura (which rises so rarely above flannelly greasiness) was glorious, the sashimi was fresh, the steamed fish was vibrant with a serious number of chopped cloves of garlic. We even loved our waiter. $$moderate. (Last visited 5/91.)


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