City has NFL letter in hand Application deadline moved to Sept. 15


Baltimore officials started work yesterday on filling out the application form the NFL has sent out to potential expansion cities.

After receiving the form, a steering committee from the Maryland Stadium Authority and the Greater Baltimore Committee met to go over it in detail yesterday.

"Fortunately, much of the work that will go into the application was anticipated," said Herbert J. Belgrad, chairman of the Maryland Stadium Authority. "We're in good shape."

The form, which includes a cover letter from commissioner Paul Tagliabue, consists of two pages of questions to be answered with a third page for signatures. A form for the potential owners was included.

Although the NFL announced 10 days ago that the deadline for the cities to return the form was Sept. 16, the NFL moved it up to Sept. 15. The deadline for the potential owners remains the same -- Oct. 1.

The form includes five basic categories: demographics and statistical data, facility, private and public support, ownership groups and miscellaneous.

The miscellaneous category includes climate, airport and preliminary revenue and expenses projections.

The owners' form includes the net worth of each owner and proposed financing sources.

Baltimore has three groups -- Maryland developer Nathan Landow, Baltimore Blast owner Ed Hale and former Green Bay Packers quarterback Bart Starr -- interested in owning a franchise, and more could enter the race before the filing deadline.

The cover letter from the commissioner included the usual proviso that labor-management problems could be an impediment to expansion. The proposed timetable is to name two teams by fall 1992 to begin play in 1994.

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