Love of texture and color woven into tapestry exhibit



, Off Hillsmere Drive, Annapolis.

Exhibitions in the Restaurant Gallery

and the Visitor's Center Gallery.

Showing the culmination of the love of texture and color, the woven tapestries of Annapolitan Marjorie Margulies will be on display (through Sept. 3) in the park's Restaurant Gallery. The works of Ms. Margulies, a former New Yorker who taught art in that city's high schools for 22 years, are described by Aileen Thomas of the park's Fine Arts Committee as tapestries emerging on the loom "with no prior plan, with a painter's sense of color and an almost sculptural manipulation of the weft."

In addition, still life, floral and landscape paintings by 40 members of the Annapolis Painting and Drawing Coop of the Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts will have their works on display in the Visitor's Center Gallery (through Sept. 3). Call (301) 222-1777.


200 N. Washington St., Havre de Grace.

"East Coast Artists."

Photos and furniture are featured in the current exhibit (through August) of this cooperative art gallery. The photographs of Eleanor Cohn use a process called reversal to alter the colors to achieve her desired mood. Some are images of the south and others are architectural details combined with people. August Reichert, although also a photographer, exhibits in this show some of his own original furniture, including a ladies lingerie chest in the shape of a woman and the "Sounds of Time," a clock mounted in a 5-foot concrete, wood and brass obelisk. Call (301) 836-7254.



12826 Laurel-Bowie Road, Laurel.

"Sculpture by Ivy Parsons."

The 12th annual Montpelier Sculptural Invitational features the enormous, abstract sculptures of Baltimore artist Ivy Parsons. Described by the gallery's assistant director as "massive and mighty, yet delicate and poetic," the works meld unusual materials like mica, slate, shale and cement into various shapes, which offer a "powerful presence and a mysterious shimmering glow." Ms. Parsons, a graduate of the Maryland Institute, College of Art and the Virginia Commonwealth University, has won a Pollack-Krasner Foundation grant, an NEA sculptural fellowship and a Fulbright Hayes fellowship in Italy. Call (301) 953-1993.

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