11 women to get back pay from CSX Intermodal


CSX Intermodal, a Hunt Valley-based container transport company, has agreed to give 11 women a total of $57,000 in back pay because they were paid less than the company-set minimum salary for their jobs.

The settlement is the company's second back-pay reimbursement agreement in eight months.

Dan Murphy, a CSX Intermodal spokesman, said yesterday that the company used to hire people it considered to be unqualified for certain jobs, pay them less than the minimum for a year so they could be trained, then give them a raise.

U.S. Department of Labor officials, who discovered the pay disparity during a random audit of the company's books, said the pay policy was wrong, Mr. Murphy said.

In addition, the audit found that some workers did not get the promised raises after their year of training was up, Mr. Murphy said. CSX Intermodal said that only a few failed to get the raises and that it happened because of administrative errors.

The company thinks its program was good because it provided jobs and training, Mr. Murphy said, but CSX has agreed to stop the practice and reimburse workers.

In December, the company agreed to pay 21 women and minority workers a total of $84,638 in back pay and to give employees more information about the company's personnel practices.

CSX Intermodal, a CSX Corp. division that was formed in 1988, has 1,100 workers nationwide and 200 in Maryland.

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