Not so great in the gateThere are...


Not so great in the gate

There are horses who don't break well from the starting gate. Then there's Lost Link.

The 3-year-old, entered in the third race at Saratoga yesterday, flipped in the starting gate just before post time. He wedged himself beneath the gate. While thrashing about, he injured Curbex, another entrant, who occupied an adjoining stall. Both horses were ordered scratched. The jockeys involved were uninjured.

Lost Link couldn't be removed from the gate until he was anesthetized by a track veterinarian and the gate was moved. Lost Link then left the track, apparently not hurt.

And, 28 minutes later, the gate was open for business.

A man of great Bering

Oh, the power of television. Pat O'Brien, former host of CBS' NBA show "At the Half," tells of the time he was in Alaska covering the Iditarod dogsled race.

"I was in this little village in the middle of nowhere, somewhere on the Bering Sea," O'Brien said. "Sitting there on the edge of the dock was a lone fisherman. He looked up at me and said, 'Do you think the [Philadelphia] 76ers can repeat?' "

And the sun got in my eyes, too

After a pitch bounced away from him, Pittsburgh Pirates catcher Mike LaValliere blamed "inconsistent dirt."

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