Get a leg upFor the past few...


Get a leg up

For the past few seasons, women of style have limited their leg wear to black and cream. It has been black opaque pantyhose for fall and winter, while the warm months have found women wearing sheers -- either black or very pale creamy shades (but never white!). For the sizzling heat of summer, many have opted for bare legs or sheer neutrals that give the effect of a tanned leg.

Come fall, that's going to change.

Black, of course, is not going to go away. But the variety of colored and patterned hosiery and stockings may even tempt the most loyal fans of black to reach for something different.

The options include brightly colored solid hose meant to match exactly the shade of your clothes, as advocated by designers such as Anne Klein's Louis Dell'Olio, and a wide range of patterns, from simple dots and herringbones to assorted paisleys, scrolls and even plaids.

Watch for an increase in shimmery metallic hose, as designers find inspiration in Karl Lagerfeld's gold and silver leggings, which he used for fall under everything from daytime jackets to transparent evening chiffons.

@ Anyone who once wore white lipstick and black fingernail polish can tell you that makeup styles change as radically as clothing styles.

Finally, the fashion industry seems to have burned out on the '60s. A new infatuation with the '40s has makeup artists drawing inspiration from the glamour faces of that era.

That means a heavy emphasis on eyes. Eyeliner, even the messy liquid type, is staging a comeback, as are false eyelashes. But unlike the frankly fake look popular in the '60s, this look is meant to make eyes look sultry and mysterious without being so obvious.

With dramatic eyes, cheeks should be virtually makeup-free. Lips can go naked as well, but the high-glamour look will be complete with lipstick in a deep berry color.

"It's a softer, more feminine look," explains makeup artist Scott Barnes. "It's definitely glamorous, as opposed to the garish eyes of the '60s."

Mr. Barnes says the best lashes for at-home use are Maybelline's flair-style, which "give that Marilyn Monroe feeling, heavier on the outer corner and real doe-eyed."

Self magazine reports time-saving tips from some of the busiest and most successful women. Fashion designer Donna Karan says she carries a sketch pad and tape recorder everywhere she goes in case an idea comes to her. Sally Jessy Raphael's personal wardrobe is black so she doesn't have to think about what goes with what. And designer Adrienne Vittadini flies at night so she can arrive with a full day ahead of her.

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