From: Natalie C. Yopconka


In response to "What's Your Opinion?": What should Howard County officials do to encourage the development of moderate-income housing?

(They should) set up stable housing and apartment developments that are safe, secure places to live for middle-aged professionally oriented, single-career females. This area has been completely ignored thus far. Consequently, bugs, trash, etc. characterize Columbia developments.

Also, control of dust and debris during construction and green life that promotes human allergies have been ignored.


From: Aelred D. Geis


An open letterto John Taylor:

I wish to express my sorrow and concern about theextent to which you misled so many well-meaning people living in western Howard County.

Your letters in the press and the many other vocal and written statements from others that you have prompted reflect several serious misconceptions about the report presented by the Commission on Residential Land Use in western Howard County.

A serious error is the notion that open space made possible by implementing the plan could later be developed. There are legal procedures that would make this open space secure.

This open space would be as secure as the farmland preserved using the costly method which you advocate. Your promotion of the notion that open space can be later developed is blatantly wrong.

Your strong advocacy of maintaining three-acre zoning is clearly inappropriate to anyone who has lived in Howard County long enough to see how development solely of large homes on three-acre lots is inconsistent with what should occur there.

The current zoning (three acres) is economically, socially and environmentally unsound. The commission's proposal did a brilliant job of outlining a far superior alternative.

The very sad thing is that the folks you have misled are advocating a course of action contrary to theirown best interests!

Their own land will be worth more in the future and the quality of life in western Howard County better, as Sue Scheidt pointed out in her thoughtful testimony, if the open space madepossible by the commission plan exists rather than letting the remaining undeveloped portions of Howard County disappear under three-acrelots.

The most serious error would be if our county officials also were misled or coerced by the misinformation you have promoted. I'moptimistic that this won't happen.

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