Ferris wheels. A merry-go-round. The penny pitch. Pop the ballon andchoose your prize. Drop the ping-pong ball in the fishbowl and win aterrified fish in a plastic sandwich bag.

Wait! Isn't that a parking space over there by the bank? Ignore the "No Parking" signs. No one pays attention during carnival time.

Mothers chasing their children around with diaper wipes trying toclean the cotton candy from their hands and faces. Fathers trying towin two prizes because if little Lucille has a stuffed unicorn, thenLarry Jr. wants a mirror decorated with the Nintendo logo.

Yes, it's time for the big Glen Burnie Carnival -- my favorite Glen Burnie activity.

There's nothing like working at a carnival booth. Meeting friends you haven't seen in years. Competing with the booth next toyou for customers. Calling out to the crowd just like a regular carney: "Three balls for a dollar. Test your skill! Impress your friends!Every child needs a Gumby doll."

Oh yes, the Gumby dolls. At lastyear's carnival, the prizes we gave out at our toss-a-softball-into-a-milk-can-so-easy-even-a- child-can-do-it booth included Batman, TheJoker and the ever popular Gumby doll (until we ran out one night and had to give away disco Snoopy look-alike dolls).

We had Gumby informal wear. We had Gumby playing basketball. There was Gumby in a leather cowboy vest and chaps and Gumby Goes Hawaiian. We had every kind of Gumby known to man including Gumby au natural. Oh yes, we had hundreds of Gumbys.

And two Pokeys.

Oh well, it was fun and I amlooking forward to Friday, when I pin on my worker's badge, tie on my DeGrange hardware apron and wait for the first 12-year-old child totry to convince me that he needs to stand on the edge of the railingto pitch the softball into the milk can. Sure, kid.

So stop by the toss-a-softball-into-a-milk-can-so-easy-even-a- child-can-do-it booth and say hello.

But you can't stand on the railing.

The Big Glen Burnie Carnival starts Friday night and continues daily (except Sunday) until Saturday, Aug. 3. Hours for the carnival are 7 to 11 p.m. weeknights. On Saturday, the carnival will have extended hours: 3 to 6 p.m. and 7 to 11 p.m.

The Glen Burnie Improvement Association,which sponsors the carnival, offers a $6 one-night pass good for unlimited rides. Parents looking for a bargain may want to take advantage of the matinee hours Saturday, when the pass is only $4. Please note that the $4 pass is only good during the matinee.

For more information call the GBIA hall, 766-6760.


Workers began laying theblock foundation last weekend for the house being refurbished by Arundel Habitat for Humanity in the 900 block of Point Pleasant Road.

Members of the Arundel Habitat board were joined by residents of thecommunity at the official ground-breaking ceremony Saturday. Future homeowner Debbie Kepner and her sons, Scott and Bobby, were also present as the work began on their long-awaited home.

Habitat for Humanity builds and refurbishes houses for people who are unable to purchase a home through conventional means. Through volunteer labor and donations, the organization is able to provide homes with manageable mortgages to people with limited incomes.

Volunteers from Habitat, Glen Burnie Methodist, Harundale Presbyterian and St. Bernadette's Catholic Church braved the heat last weekend to begin building a block foundation for the house. The two-bedroom home was donated to the project and moved to the job site earlier in the week.

The project is expected to take about eight weekends to complete, and additional volunteers are needed. Work is usually done on the weekends because mostof the workers have weekday jobs.

"We would like more workers," explained Beth Zehe, a spokeswoman for Arundel Habitat. "We really need some skilled volunteers. A skilled bricklayer can work with four tosix untrained volunteers."


The Bible will come alive this Sunday, when Temple Baptist Church, 15 Old Stage Road, presents the Academy of Arts Christian Players in "David the King, Part

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