M. Glenn Clark of Westminster was named president of The Maryland Tire Co. at a recent meeting of the board of directors.

He started with the company in 1960 and is being promoted from the position of vice president.

Clark is a member of the American Retreaders Association, Maryland Motor Truck Association, Maryland Tire Dealers' Association, KimmelAutomotive Inc. Planning Group, and was a member of the Maryland Tire Dealers' Association Board of Directors.

The company, at 1205 Frankfurst Ave., is a subsidiary of Kimmel Automotive Inc.



Named president of Maryland Tire



WESTMINSTER -- Employees of E-Z Industries Inc. on Locust Street evacuated their building Friday after less than half a gallon of a flammable chemical solvent was spilled.

Super High-Flash Naphtha, also called petroleum ether, is used to cleaning magnesium dyes in printing presses.

After the spill, company officials called the Chemical Transportation Emergency Center in Washington. The group, paid for by chemical companies, provides advice about handling chemical-related accidents.

On the advice of the center, E-Z employees placed an absorbent material on the spill, ventilated the area and evacuated the building, a commonprocedure with a combustible chemical accident.

The material was then swept up and sent to the dump.

Although the Carroll County Health Department received a complaint about a health risk at the company, investigation showed that proper procedures had been followed, said Larry Leitch, deputy health officer.

Westminster City officialsfound no chemical contamination at the manhole on Locust Street and U.S. 29. Water at the wastewater treatment plant is being monitored, but officials do not expect to find any of the chemical, Leitch said.

E-Z Industries -- which employs 60 people -- prints record-keeping books, manufactures vinyl and plastic lettering, and makes adhesives for stationery and other products. Approved by the Maryland State Real Estate Commission, the class is scheduled for 6:30 to 9:45 p.m. Aug. 12, 14, 19 and 21 at CCC's 1601 Washington Road campus. Tuition is $60 and includes textbook.

Participants will cover such topics as federal legislation affecting real estate, Maryland real property law, human relations and ethical practices, standards of professional practices, hearing rules, license procedures and requirements, real estate brokerage, suspension-revocation of license and the Real EstateCommission.

Registration deadline is Aug. 9.

Information: 876-9610.



WESTMINSTER -- The Carroll County Board of Zoning Appeals has denied a request to amend a condition from a previous appeal to allow construction office trailers to be parked at 2542 Murkle Road, Westminster.

Theodore J. Daigle Sr. and M. Frances Daigle had been given conditional approval for contractor's equipment storage buildings and a parking facility for commercial uses, plus a variance reducing the minimum required distances pertaining to the buildings.

In making its decision for this new request, the board found that the Daigles had not met all the conditions of the previous case and noted that the property in question and surrounding properties are zoned agricultural.

The board also found the site location map in the previous case depicts subdivision of nearby land into lots for residential purposes.

The current request is a matter of convenience, the board said in its decision, and conditions in the previous case are needed in order to maintain thezoning ordinance.

In a second case, the board approved a request for a conditional use for a kennel for not more than 10 dogs and a variance reducing the minimum distance requirements of 200 feet.

Therequest was made by Maurice K. and Helen Marie Shamer of 4025 Franklinville Road, New Windsor. The couple live on a 1.136-acre property surrounded on three sides by single-family dwellings.

The Shamers currently have six dogs, which are kept in the dwelling and are allowed to exercise outside, confined to the property by an underground electric fence.

The board authorized the request on the condition that no more than six dogs be kept on the property, the electric fence be maintained at all times, and no business-type operations be conducted on the premises.



WESTMINSTER -- Maryland's Tomorrow, a school-to-work transition project, has chosen Carroll County for its program that provides businesses with information on hiring young people and helping them make career choices.

Businesses with high employee turnover, needing to train or re-train employees, and having difficulty recruiting qualified staff, can be helped through the program.

Maryland's Tomorrow hopesto expose teen-agers (high school juniors and seniors) to potential career avenues by short- and long-term observation and learning experiences with local businesses.

Local business people can help theseyoung people through various programs, including becoming a "job shadow" site, whereby a student would simply follow a selected employee for purposes of observation; providing hands-on job experiences; becoming a guest speaker/instructor; being a business mentor; assist in the drafting of career ladders; or offering their business expertise.

Those interested in the program can write to Maryland's Tomorrow, School to Work Transition Project, 1229 Washington Road, Westminster,Md. 21157.



WESTMINSTER -- Marada Industries, an auto parts manufacturer here, has recalled about 15 employees who voluntarily took temporary layoffs, in a move that was requested in response to the General Motors minivan plant strike in Baltimore.

The company called back the employees when GMmanagement and union members came to a tentative agreement Friday.

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