120-mile chase ends with man's arrest at home Driver charged with assault by car, destruction of property, hit and run.


Steven Ruby said he heard the police cars and a helicopter outside his Glen Burnie home but it was late and he couldn't see what was happening.

It wasn't until yesterday morning that Ruby found out that the police cars and helicopter were chasing one of his neighbors.

Anne Arundel County police arrested Edward Thomas Crenshaw and charged him with assault by car and destruction of property after he allegedly led them on a nearly two-hour, 120-mile chase through northern Anne Arundel County and Baltimore.

Crenshaw, 23, of the 400 block of Elwell Court, was released on bail.

He said he did not want to discuss the incident, and that the only information anyone needed to know could be found in the police blotter, but he did not elaborate.

County police said Crenshaw led them on a one-hour, 44-minute chase which reached speeds of 90 mph and involved 38 county police cars, five State Police vehicles, three Toll Facilities cars and a helicopter. Most of the police cars were used to block streets and keep motorists away from the chase, police said.

Crenshaw has been charged with four counts each of assault by car, destruction of property and hit and run. He also is facing numerous traffic violations.

The incident began at about 11:30 p.m. Monday after Crenshaw's neighbors called police to report that Crenshaw was driving his 1987 Ford Ranger truck across several lawns.

Moments later, Crenshaw's wife also called police to report that her husband, who had been drinking heavily throughout the day, had threatened her. During a domestic argument, the woman reported, Crenshaw said he had a gun, and gave her a choice of being beaten or shot. However, police said, the woman never saw any weapon.

Around midnight, police spotted Crenshaw driving his truck through his neighborhood. When police tried to stop him, the chase began.

Police said Crenshaw led them on a chase through the streets of his neighborhood before driving up Md. 2 to Interstate 895. Then, Crenshaw drove through the Harbor Tunnel, but not before stopping to pay the toll, police said.

Once inside the tunnel, Crenshaw turned his truck in an effort to stop an approaching police vehicle, police said. The officer swerved his car to avoid being hit by Crenshaw, lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a jersey wall before colliding with another police car, police said.

Police said a Toll Facilities car which attempted to block the truck was rammed five times by Crenshaw.

Once through the northbound tunnel, Crenshaw made a U-turn and nearly struck a Toll Facilities officer, county police said. Then, Crenshaw headed back through the tunnel, down Interstate 97 and back to his Elwell Court home where he was arrested, police said.

Two officers who were injured during the chase were taken to the Shock-Trauma Unit in Baltimore where they were treated for neck and back injuries, and then released.

Police said that despite the fact that Crenshaw had been drinking throughout the day he was not charged with driving while intoxicated because he was sober at the time of his arrest.

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