Exercise helped Hamilton in 'Terminator' role


Linda Hamilton, born in Salisbury, Md., doesn't really know why she became an actress. "I guess it was because my sister and I were twins," she said. "We had this gimmick, and we were cast in plays done by local childrens' theater groups. I guess that was where it all started."

Her sister, Leslie, is a nurse and mother living in New Jersey, but she does appear with Linda in "Terminator, 2."

"She's in the scene where you're supposed to be seeing two of me," said Linda.

Was doing the role in "Terminator 2" dangerous?

"Well, the workouts helped," she said. "I worked out three hours every day, three months before the shooting began and during the three months it took to do the film."

She did the original "Terminator" in 1984. She said she approached the sequel with dread.

"It's a big job," she said. "There is no love story, [the character she plays] is pretty mean, and she uses all that foul language which my parents will have to face. The first film was also bare to the bone. It had a driving force. When you go for bigger and better, it can be pretty dangerous. 'Die Hard 2' was not as good as the first film."

She said she has signed no contract to do a third "Terminator." "It's never been mentioned, and I don't know if there is going to be one, unless someone has something new to say -- if you can take the film in a different direction," she said. "If you don't, then it's just a repeat, and I'm not interested in that. If you have nothing new to say, what's the point?"

Asked if she saw any changes in the star of the film, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hamilton said that he was "bigger, better and a good sport. He's generous and he is fun . . . "

Between "Terminators," there was the television series "Beauty and the Beast," in which Hamilton was the girl above ground, and Ron Perlman was the romantic mutant who lived in caverns under Manhattan.

She doesn't know what she will do next. "I'll be offered roles similar to that of Sarah, but I've already done that.

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