Schaefer asks delegates to help limit development


OCEAN CITY -- Gov. William Donald Schaefer delivered a brotherly lecture yesterday to delegates at the Maryland Municipal League convention here yesterday, saying he wants them to take another look at his proposals to restructure taxes and control growth.

In the last session of the legislature, Mr. Schaefer said, the Municipal League opposed him on taxes and growth. Yesterday, as a longtime member of the organization, he made a direct appeal for support.

"You shouldn't pull away from a guy who's one of you," the governor told the delegates.

The Municipal League represents 149 local governments in Maryland. "I think this Maryland Municipal League knows that if anyone knows the problems of local government, I do, having been there for 15 years [as mayor of Baltimore] and before that a council person."

Jon C. Burrell, the Municipal League's executive director, said the group opposed the state's tax-restructuring plan because "we were left out." The report, written by a commission headed by R. Robert Linowes, a Montgomery County lawyer, did not pay enough attention to the needs of local governments, he said.

The league also opposed the governor's growth-management plan, an effort to direct growth by the year 2020 to existing urban centers and away from the state's remaining undeveloped areas. Mr. Burrell said local governments wanted the proposal to declare that the state would not usurp local zoning powers.

Yesterday, Mr. Schaefer urged the delegates to review both issues and give him advice. He said neither tax restructuring nor growth management should be delayed.

"I won't be around, but your children and grandchildren will know what it means as far as growth is concerned unless something, something, is done on growth," Mr. Schaefer said.

As to the Linowes plan, the governor said, "I suggest to you, I suggest to you as a fellow mayor and as a fellow councilman, that you start thinking and talking to your delegates and to your senators as to what are we going to do as far as Linowes is concerned, or . . . just say, 'What are we going to do to meet some of the local needs?' "

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