Compromise on stadium* I'm so tired of...


Compromise on stadium

* I'm so tired of John Steadman's impassioned columns regarding the naming of the new stadium. His opinion is (and has been for some time) noted. Despite it, the argument that Camden Yards would remind people of Camden, N.J., is specious since it also holds that these same people now associate The Babe in the town of all his glory, not his hometown. "The House That Ruth Built," is already located in the Bronx. If only Baltimoreans didn't despise New York so much (1969 has a lot to do with it!).

A simple solution for the official name of our new facility (which will also undoubtedly help keep Mr. Steadman's blood pressure down): Babe Ruth Park at Camden Yards. In short time, natural selection by sportswriters, commentators and fans will decide which will be favored in the vernacular. Let the chips fall where they may. This name offers a perfect compromise while compromising no one.

Joe Pachino


Enough of Ruth, already

* John Steadman's relentless crusade for Babe Ruth Stadium has become absolutely sickening. You would think that Steadman was the only Baltimorean whose opinion meant anything with respect to the name for the new stadium. There is absolutely no question that Baltimore was not Babe Ruth's baseball town. It would make much more sense to name the stadium after Willie Miranda, Gus Triandos or the Robinsons than it would to name the park after Babe Ruth.

I would suggest that Steadman take his crusade to New York or Boston where, perhaps, there would be interest in renaming Yankee Stadium or Fenway Park.

Steven E. Welkos

Ellicott City

Knuckling under

* When Hoyt Wilhelm came up to the Orioles with his knuckler, Gus Triandos had a hard time handling his pitches, so Paul Richards, the manager, had the oversized catcher's mitt designed.

The fans enjoyed Wilhelm's crazy knuckler and Triandos' efforts behind the plate. That was a long time ago, and the Orioles haven't had that good of a knuckleball pitcher since. Wilhelm's ,, pitch always will be remembered. The famous knuckler wasn't hit with quite the same drive as was the fastball, and usually the batting averages plummeted.

#Joseph Thaddeus Kasprzak



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