Taking heat for 'thirtysomething' demise


LOS ANGELES -- Robert Iger, ABC's entertainment president, can't take a vacation from his job.

He said that he was on a bus in Hawaii when a woman spotted ABC tag on the bag holding his snorkeling gear and immediately launched into a tirade about the cancellation of "thirtysomething."

"She wanted to know who she could write to and who the idiot was who had made this decision,:" Iger said. "I think she was from Washington and had a whole group together that were incensed."

"I told her 'lady this is your lucky day.'"

Iger said that when she learned that she was talking to the man who cancelled "thirtysomething," she backed down a bit and the two had a nice discussion about the show.


Rap star M.C. Hammer, who will have an animated alter-ego with half-hour show called "Hammerman" on ABC's Saturday morning lineup this fall, told a press conference that he got his name while he was a batboy for the Oakland A's baseball team.

"There was a ballplayer on the Milwaukee Brewers by the name of Pedro Garcia, a second baseman," Hammer said. "He noticed one day that in his eyes I resembled home run champ Hank Aaron a lot. So he started calling me Little Hammer.

"Then Reggie Jackson and all the other A's started saying the same thing, that I looked a lot like Hank Aaron," whose nickname was the Hammer.

"So everybody called me Hammer and it sort of stuck with me."

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