2ND GUN FOUND AT PRISON Pen guard finds pistol used in last week's escape try, hostage-taking.


A correctional officer at the Maryland Penitentiary today found a second handgun believed used in last week's attempted escape and subsequent hostage-taking, a spokesman said.

Correctional officers also found a set of keys taken during the uprising, but more keys are still missing, according to Gregory M. Shipley, a state prison spokesman.

About 200 inmates who lived in C Dormitory, where the uprising took place, have been living in tents in the Pen's yard since the uprising ended last Wednesday night. Shipley said the inmates would remain in the yard while the search for the keys continues. Another 50 inmates have opted to move into the Pen's West Wing.

A correctional officer found the .25-caliber handgun about 8 a.m. today inside a metal column on the building's fifth tier of cells, Shipley said. Officials earlier reported finding a .32-caliber handgun hidden in a pipe conduit in C Dorm. Each weapon was loaded with four bullets, according to Shipley.

An unknown number of Pen inmates took two correctional officers hostage last Tuesday night after an escape attempt failed, officials said.

The uprising ended 23 hours later when the second hostage was released. Neither officer was hurt, although two inmates were seriously wounded by other inmates during the uprising, officials said.

State prison officials said they will trace the guns as part of their investigation of how the weapons were smuggled into the downtown Baltimore prison.

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