Woman finds cocaine, has son, 13, arrested


DETROIT -- About four months ago, she noticed a change in his attitude. At 13, her handsome son had become surly and defiant.

Saturday, he walked into his home with a plastic bag sticking out of his pocket. His mother grabbed the bag, finding crack cocaine.

"I always told him that if I ever caught him with drugs, I'd call the police," said the woman yesterday.

And she did.

"He's totally out of control," said the mother, 34, who works two jobs to support her three children. "He was getting straight A's before this all started. I feel that he's still salvageable. I truly believe that, but I know that I can't do it myself."

The woman said her son did not resist when she decided to turn him in, but he did cry "when I sat him down and told him I was doing this because I loved him."

Yesterday a juvenile officer set bond at $2,000.

"He wants to get out of there," the mother said. "But I'll have to think about it."

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