Comets may be revived with city funds


The Major Soccer League's Kansas City Comets may be revived next season if the Kansas City (Mo.) City Council votes Thursday to give financial help to the organization.

"There is an ordinance in the finance committee offering to buy 10 percent of the team," Steve Lyman, vice president of finance for the Comets, said yesterday.

The ordinance, introduced by city council member Michael Hernandez, proposes that the city council give $70,000 a year for three years to the Comets.

Lyman said the city council, in return for its financial support, will receive 1,200 season tickets for the next three years to be used for inner-city programs for disadvantaged youths.

"Right now we're trying to get the other 90 percent [of the ownership] together . . . and make sure that they will still be shareholders," Lyman said.

The Comets are owned by three individuals and three companies.

The $70,000 will come out of Kansas City's visitor and tourism budget, Lyman said.

Brad Robbins, communications assistant for the MSL, said all Kansas City players who were free agents before the team folded July 16 will remain unrestricted free agents, and the Comets still will retain the rights to players who were offered the right of first refusal.

"Right now, we can afford to give them until end of the week to see if they are on a team or not," Robbins said.

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