Opinion: Jacobs never will sell Orioles to Boogie


Fact: The seven ex-Orioles still pitching in the major leagues (Mike Boddicker, Pete Harnisch, Dennis Martinez, Mike Morgan, John Habyan, Storm Davis, Doug Sisk) have more wins (41) than the Orioles (37).

Opinion: Mike Tyson will knock out Evander Holyfield.

Fact: Jim Traber is knocking 'em out in Japan again this season. As of yesterday, the Whammer-san of the Kintetsu Buffaloes had 21 homers, 60 RBI and a .273 average.

Opinion: Eli Jacobs was never going to sell to Boogie Weinglass.

Fact: (subtitle: Slow Death of the Old Boy Network): Five of the six major-league managers who have taken over after firings this season are rookies.

Opinion: Very early favorite to win the Super Bowl has to be the Buffalo Bills, who blew the Supe to the Giants in January.

Fact: Said Ottawa Rough Riders defensive end Greg Stumon on Rocket Ismail: "Everyone feels he is overrated. I'm not saying his life is in danger, but everyone wants to get him."

Opinion: It would be nice to see an AL East team make the World Series again. (Last one was Boston in 1986.)

Fact: Not one of today's top nine RBI men in the American League was voted onto the All-Star team.

Opinion: We have officially lost touch with reality when Greg Kite, the very definition of a big stiff, signs a $4 million contract with the Orlando Magic.

Fact: The Orioles are on a pace to win 28 games at Memorial Stadium this year, which would be the fewest in team history.

Opinion: Andre Agassi's handlers wrongly deduced that the kid couldn't play grass-court tennis.

Fact: There have been seven no-hitters thrown against the A's since 1969.

Opinion: Pat Riley is about to find out what it's like to coach without any Magic -- and it won't be fun.

Fact: (2-for-1 sale) Only three of the eight teams in the Carolina League are from the Carolinas. Same with the Texas League and Texas.

Opinion: Monica Seles should be made to understand that she has behaved foolishly.

Fact: Said golfer Craig Stadler when asked how he was putting now compared to 1982, when he won the Masters: "More."

Opinion: You've been standing in the sun too long if you think the Pirates are about to trade Barry Bonds to the Mets -- their chief rival.

Fact: The FBI is investigating 60 falsified Pell Grant applications turned in by Miami Hurricanes footballers.

Opinion: Mark Rypien isn't worth $1 million a year anyway.

Fact: At their current rate, the Detroit Tigers will lead the league with 1,136 strikeouts, falling just short of the major-league record of 1,203 set by the Mets in 1968.

Opinion: You haven't lived until you've seen an Arena League end splat into the end zone wall and still catch the TD pass.

Fact: Take away Toronto and the AL East is 44 games under .500 against the West.

Opinion: You want a good baseball read, pick up an old standby, "A False Spring," by Pat Jordan.

Fact: Every NFL team will get $32 million from the networks this season.

Opinion: That a 1991-92 NFL media guide arrived in my mailbox on July 6 should be illegal. (The Cleveland Browns were the guilty party.)

Fact: There are now two Australians (Wayne Grady, Ian Baker-Finch) on the PGA Tour who have won as many major tournaments (1) as fellow g'dayer Greg Norman.

Opinion: Let's get some uniformity once and for all. Either baseball managers start wearing street clothes or basketball and football coaches start suitin' up.

Fact: The Orioles have not won a series in July.

Opinion: Dave Johnson has every right to keep complaining if the Orioles don't soon find a place for him in their rotation.

Fact: Project Sam Horn's current statistics over 500 at-bats and he has 36 home runs and 99 RBI. And 166 strikeouts.

Opinion: The Orioles could at least schedule a few more weekday games.

Fact: Mickey Tettleton is on a pace to hit 32 homers and drive in 95 runs.

Opinion: The Orioles have to make some trades in the off-season, and the idea frightens me.

Fact: It took only 33 pitches to strike out Horn six times in that 15-inning game in Kansas City last week.

Opinion: With his square body and uniform No. 28, Orioles rookie Shane Turner bears a striking resemblance to -- omigosh -- the Whammer-san himself.

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