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Follow-up mail will help you


Are your job opportunities over just because you've been rejected at a given firm? No, says National Business Employment Weekly, dated today. Excerpts: "If you endured hours of grilling and met with many executives, the firm took your candidacy seriously. . . . Sending a post-rejection letter will demonstrate that you retained your self-worth. . . . It's a little-used tactic that can be a powerful help in your job-search campaign. . . . In addition to writing to your primary interviewer, send letters to other decision makers who interviewed you." The worthwhile article contains sample letters.

RECESSION UPDATE: Recent views on recession's expected length: "In many ways the economy is bouncing back along classic lines (but) without government stimulus the upturn could sputter before year-end." (Business Week, July 29.). . . . "Numerous problems face the economy, including S&Ls; and FDIC, deficits at all government levels, need to work off 1980s' excesses, etc., but all these needn't be solved before an upturn begins. The typical recession lasted only 11 months, and never underestimate power of the business cycle. We're headed for a robust recovery." (Mercantile Safe Deposit & Trust Co.). . . . "Commercial real estate is still on the skids everywhere." (Cover story, Barron's, dated today). . . . "Latest economic statistics confirmed that the recession's over." (Trader column, Barron's, same issue).

PERPETUAL RECESSION: Regarding the above, there's always a recession for the hungry. Our Daily Bread soup kitchen, 200 W. Franklin St., at Park Ave,. needs sugar (lots of it), peanut butter, jelly, spaghetti sauce, powdered drink mixes, small soap bars and money. When ODB opened 10 years ago, it served 100 guests daily, today about 625 men, women and (sadly) children, 365 days a year. From its house organ, Slices of Life, "Do not neglect to show hospitality, for by that means some have entertained angels without knowing it. (Hebrews 3:2.)"

WORKPLACE WAMPUM: Did you know that two out of every five senior citizens will need nursing home care at some time? Were you aware that only "skilled care" is paid for by Medicare and that less than one half of one percent of nursing home care is considered skilled? (Ninety-nine and one-half percent of nursing home patients do not receive Medicare assistance.) Did you realize that 46 percent of seniors are impoverished within three months of entering a nursing home, 72 percent broke within year? Figures from Cherie Jenkins, 1606 Terrace Drive, Westminster, Md., 21157, who will send details. Jenkins, who owns an insurance agency, volunteers with the Department of Aging.)

BALTIMORE BEAT: First words from waiter at new, ethnic Bolton Hill restaurant: "Folks, bear with me tonight, I'm serving 32 people and the kitchen's terribly busy." Me, abrasively: "I don't want to hear that. If you're not geared up for good service in busy times, close down. We pay you with good money, we expect good service." We got it. . . . "Community development credit unions are doing 'extraordinary work' in helping the poor help themselves." (Woodstock Institute) For details, call Thomas Gallagher, Maryland Credit Union League, 301-828-9000. . . . This week, government issues new two-year, five-year and one-year Treasury securities; call Federal Reserve (576-3553) for details. . . . Fifty percent of retirees report that their main source of income is Social Security." (American Demographics) . . . "Aim high! It's no harder to shoot the feathers off an eagle than to shoot the fur off a skunk." (Troy Moore)

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