'The Simpsons' gets major sports voices


"The Simpsons" staff described several of the episodes in this upcoming season, including a show that has Mr. Burns, the owner of the nuclear power plant where Homer works, betting $1 million on a company softball game and then importing major league players as ringers.

Doing the voices for their own characters will be Roger Clemons, Wade Boggs, Don Mattingly, Ken Griffey Jr., Ozzie Smith, Steve Sax, Mike Scoscia and Jose Canseco.

All recorded their parts even after reading a script that had their characters doing some pretty ridiculous things. Clemons, for instance, has to impersonate a chicken.

Other guest voices include Joe Mantegna playing a gangster boss and Jackie Mason as a rabbi who is Krusty the Clown's father.

James Brooks, the show's executive producer, said that a number of stars have asked to be on the show, but that contractually, their names cannot be revealed, though he did lay a down a big hint that Michael Jackson might be heard in an episode.

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