From: Donald V. Joy


I am writing to compliment your paper on the outstanding coverageof the U.S. National Senior Sports Classic III, which was held from June 28 to July 3 in Syracuse, N.Y., for athletes 55 and up (The Carroll County Sun, June 30 and July 3).

It was great to see that yourpaper devoted the time and effort to write about and take pictures of the senior athletes in Carroll County in action. I hope it also comes across as an inspiration to others of our age to continue to participate in sports.

I especially want to commend Dan Clemens, who followed my activity closely in the softball championship play-offs. Also, Garo Lachinian provided some very good action pictures of me and other athletes. They both did a great job.

Your paper must be readpretty widely in Carroll County. Almost everyone I know said they read the article that spoke a lot about me.

For the record, you really outdid the Carroll County Times.

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