Calling the negotiations "pretty much a done deal," Pasadena boxer Boone Pultz has signed a contract to fight former heavyweight championGeorge Foreman on Sept. 7 in Nassau, Bahamas. The bout will be televised by Home Box Office.

Pultz, 31, said Foreman's adviser, Ron Weathers, sent him the contract by fax Thursday.

"As of 10 minutes ago, we agreed to terms," the Cape St. Claire native said Friday afternoon. "We negotiated a little bit, filled in the blanks, added a few things and signed it."

Pultz wouldn't elaborate on the financial terms of the 10-round fight, which was jeopardized last week by the announcement that champion Evander Holyfield would fight Mike Tyson on Nov. 8 in Las Vegas. Foreman originally intended to fight Pultz as a tuneup for Holyfield.

"I feel 100 percent better," Pultz said, "but I can't wait until I get it back to (Foreman's managers) and have them initial it and return it to me.

"But I feel real relieved right now. It's been shaky all the way up to today.

"It's going to be a hell of a fight, an interesting fight."

Pultz is a former U.S. Boxing Association and World Boxing Organization cruiserweight champion.

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