Here is how members of Maryland's delegation...


Here is how members of Maryland's delegation on Capitol Hill were recorded on important roll-call votes last week:



By a 247-182 vote, the House sent the Senate a bill (HR 5) making it illegal for employers to replace workers striking over economic issues. The bill is labor's top Capitol Hill priority this year.

Workers may not be fired for going on strike. But a 1938 Supreme Court ruling allows them to be "permanently replaced" while off the job, as happened, for example, in the 1989 Eastern Airlines strike. The bill also bans employers from giving post-strike job preference to workers who crossed picket lines.

0$ A yes vote was to pass the bill.

N X Member

Y * * Bentley, Helen Delich, R-2nd Y

Y * * Byron, Beverly B., D-6th

Y * * Cardin, Benjamin L., D-3rd

* N * Gilchrest, Wayne T., R-1st

Y * * Hoyer, Steny H. D-5th

Y * * McMillen, Tom, D-4th

Y * * Mfume, Kweisi, D-7th

* N * Morella, Constance A., R-8th


By a 246-172 vote, the House refused to remove a loan program from a bill (HR 1989) designed to improve American competitiveness. President Bush has said he will veto the measure, calling the program unwise industrial policy. At issue is whether the government should use loans to try to pick winners among promising generic technologies. The disputed program would put relatively small amounts of taxpayers' capital behind select companies and products.

A yes vote was to strip the loan program from a bill authorizing $348 million next year to promote American technology.

N X Member

* N * Bentley, Helen Delich, R-2nd

Y * * Byron, Beverly B., D-6th

* N * Cardin, Benjamin L., D-3rd

Y * * Gilchrest, Wayne T., R-1st

* N * Hoyer, Steny H. D-5th

* N * McMillen, Tom, D-4th

* N * Mfume, Kweisi, D-7th

Y * * Morella, Constance A., R-8th


Senators voted 53-45 to raise their pay in October from $101,900 to $125,100. The amendment to the fiscal 1992 legislative branch appropriations bill (HR 2506) tied the raise to a ban on the honorariums senators receive from special interests. It means senators and House members will be paid at the same level, with honorariums as an income supplement outlawed in both chambers.

D8 A yes vote was to raise senators' pay by 22 percent.

Y N X Member

* N * Mikulski, Barbara A., D

Y * * Sarbanes, Paul S., D


By a 64-35 vote, the Senate rejected an amendment to shift $1.9 billion earmarked for the manned space station Freedom in fiscal 1992 to veterans programs and other NASA ventures. The amendment would have left about $100 million for the station in ** the pending bill (HR 2519). NASA has spent about $5.5 billion toward an estimated $40 billion final cost of putting Freedom in orbit as a unique scientific testing ground.

A yes vote was to virtually eliminate 1992 space station funding.

Y N X Member

* N * Mikulski, Barbara A., D

* N * Sarbanes, Paul S., D


The Senate voted 81-18 to make it a criminal offense for doctors and dentists with AIDS to perform invasive procedures without informing the patient of their disease. The amendment to HR 2622 imposed penalties of up to 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine. The bill was sent to conference with the House.

A yes vote supported criminal penalties under certain conditions for health professionals with AIDS who work on patients.

Y N X Member

* N * Mikulski, Barbara A., D

Y * * Sarbanes, Paul S., D


By a 57-40 vote, the Senate fell short of the three-fifths majority needed to silence a filibuster against savings-and-loan scandal disclosure. This kept disclosure language from being added to a funding bill (HR 2519) later sent to conference with the House. Under the amendment, S&L; regulators were to have made public data related to the disputed government sale in 1988 of more than 200 failed thrifts, deals that committed about $50 billion in Treasury subsidies to buyers. HR 2519 contained more than $15 billion to help cover the deals. A yes vote was for disclosure of records behind S&L; bailout transactions in 1988.

Y N X Member

Y * * Mikulski, Barbara A., D

Y * * Sarbanes, Paul S., D

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