From The Sun July 21-27, 1841July 23:...


From The Sun July 21-27, 1841

July 23: A large hog yesterday in Bond Street observed a sack of loaves on the pavement, and having cruised about some time for something of the kind, brought himself along side and seized it as his prize.

July 27: Susan McCrury resolved on Saturday last to quit the intoxicating bowl, and to make sure work, determined to fortify her resolution with the solemnity of an oath.

From The Sun July 21-27, 1891

July 22: A meeting of the Druggists' Protective Association was held yesterday morning to consider the telephone monopoly. The members agreed to take their telephones out if the company refused to lower its rentals to $50 per annum.

July 23: Beautiful Blue Ridge has been turned into a kind of rustic Baltimore this season, for hundreds of residents of this city have taken refuge from the heat on the towering hills of Maryland and Pennsylvania.

From The Sun July 21-27, 1941

July 26: Mayor Jackson yesterday designated next week as "Battle of the Atlantic" week, in which connection he called on citizens to "give consideration to the threat to America involved in the Atlantic theater of war."

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