Vitale not-ready-for-prime-time playerFor years, Syracuse University basketball...


Vitale not-ready-for-prime-time player

For years, Syracuse University basketball coach Jim Boeheim has endured the sideline second-guessing of ABC and ESPN announcer Dick Vitale.

zTC Boeheim always thought a sound thrashing would silence Vitale.

It didn't.

"Remember this, I get the microphone last this year," howled Vitale, after losing, 15-3, in a charity one-on-one game yesterday that began a basketball tournament in Rochester, N.Y.

"He's always accusing me of playing all easy games. That was the easiest game I've ever played. We could go undefeated with opponents like that," Boeheim said.

Even hobbled by a bad ankle, the coach of the Orangemen needed less than 10 minutes to defeat Vitale.

"He's always saying I never beat anybody. The only problem is I still haven't," said Boeheim.

One-man gang

Gailan Alkaf is Yemen's only competitor in the University Games in Sheffield, England. When Alkaf arrived, officials asked him which sport he was entering.

"Soccer," he said.

The quote

Orlando Magic president Pat Williams on first-round draft pick Stanley Roberts, who weighed in at 304 pounds after completing a season in Spain with Real Madrid: "We talked a lot about his diet. He said he likes salads. His idea of a salad is putting a $$ piece of lettuce on a pizza."

Three W's

San Francisco Giants reliever Dave Righetti chalked up a triple yesterday, becoming the father of two girls and a boy.

The triplets -- Nicollette Lee, Natalie Paige and Wesley David -- were born early in the afternoon in Southern California. The name of the hospital where they were born wasn't disclosed, but according to a news release issued by the Giants, the children were doing "great."

Kayla Campbell, the sister of Righetti's wife, Kandice, gave birth to the triplets. She conceived by artificial insemination.

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