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'Dutch' not quite a treat


"Dutch" is not as bad as the trailer for the film suggests, but it's not as good as it could be, either. Some scenes work, others don't work at all. Ed O'Neill ("Married . . . With Children") plays a builder asked to pick up his girlfriend's son at a private school in Atlanta and bring him home for Thanksgiving vacation. The kid is obnoxious, and Dutch copes with it until he loses his patience. JoBeth Williams is the mother of the boy, and Ethan Randall is the boy who slowly warms to the man who will someday be his stepfather. Language, violence, sex. Rating: PG-13. ** California photographer Lewis Baltz reveals the edges of modern life gnawing away at the land in "New Environments/New Projects," a show at the Albin O. Kuhn Library at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. Much of his work is in serial form, a succession of images of the wastelands which often mark the boundaries between the developed and the natural. His work finds emotion in mounds of dirt and shattered appliances which gain new life as the elements transform them. Through July 28, 5401 Wilkens Ave., Catonsville. Hours: Noon to 6 p.m. Saturdays; noon to 9 p.m. Sundays. Call 455-2233.

Linell Smith


A fine edge

For decades, one of the few places Westerners mixed it up with Soviets was in athletic competition -- and especially in ice skating, such as at the Olympic Games. Boy, have times changed. There's a Soviet sailing ship (the Kruzenshtern) wrapping up a visit to the Inner Harbor this weekend, and on television, British and Soviet skaters have a special tonight. "Torvill and Dean With the Russian All-Stars" airs at 9 on Maryland Public Television (channels 22 and 67), featuring the former Olympic champion ice dancers Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean in an icy antidote to sweltering summer.

Steve Mckerrow "Once Around" is an adroit mixture of comedy and tragedy in which a young woman, jilted by her boyfriend, marries an older man the girl's family has trouble accepting. Danny Aiello, Holly Hunter and Richard Dreyfuss star. The film didn't do that well in theaters but is well worth the price of a rental. The movie, which includes Gena Rowlands as the mother, should play very well on the smaller screen. Language, sex. Rating: R. ****

Lou Cedrone

Journey into the unknown


The Maryland Arts Festival, in conjunction with the Theatre Project, is presenting the world premiere of "Sachamanta Salamanca" at Towson State University. Created and performed Diablomundo, Argentina's acclaimed theater group, the work (with original music, sculptures and masks) concerns the learning of ancient secrets through rigorous rituals. A young man seeking enlightenment takes a dangerous journey into the unknown. Excellent cast featuring Ibis Perla Logarzo as an old wise woman. 8 p.m. daily through July 28 (no performances Monday or Tuesday). Fine Arts Center Mainstage, Towson. Tickets: $12/$10. Call 830-ARTS.

Winifred Walsh

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