HEY, DUDES! Whoaa! Just who are these teen-age guys anyhow? All you've ever wanted to know about those bodacious dudes


Those most excellent dudes! Those bodacious, party-on personages! They're back!

Bill and Ted, right? Or, Bill and Ted . . . NOT!

It's getting confusing, and crowded, out there. Suddenly, there's Bill and Ted and Wayne and Garth -- an entire subculture of head-banging, hormone-surging teen-age boys who a) come in pairs, b) talk like ironic surfers and c) make dumb seem kind of adorable.

The only problem is: We can't tell them apart!

Opening today, for example, is "Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey," the sequel to that most triumphant movie of 1989, "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure." The original introduced the eponymous heroes -- two California high schoolers who time-travel and kidnap historical figures along the way who help them avoid flunking out most egregiously.

But don't confuse them with Wayne and Garth, that other most excellent pair o' dudes and stars of "Wayne's World" on TV's "Saturday Night Live." These two have their own public access cable TV show that originates in -- and apparently never strays from -- Wayne's paneled basement.

Bill, Ted, Wayne, Garth -- and it's only bound to get more confusing as each pair crosses over the other's turf. Movieland's Bill and Ted already have a Saturday morning cartoon show and this fall will have a Fox-TV spin-off series as well. And, not to be outdone, television's Wayne and Garth have started filming a movie for Paramount Pictures.

To sort out this veritable plethora of dudes, we've compiled a handy guide for telling them apart. We're just glad Bart Simpson works alone.

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