Pasadena boxer Boone Pultz said yesterday that he expects to receivea contract within the next few days to fight former heavyweight champion George Foreman.

Pultz, 31, is waiting for Foreman's adviser, Ron Weathers, to fax a copy of the contract. But the proposed site for the fight apparently has changed from Las Vegas to Nassau, Bahamas.

"As it stands right now, the fight will go off Sept. 7 in Nassau," said Pultz (19-1, 12 knockouts), who grew up in Cape St. Claire andis a former U.S. Boxing Association and World Boxing Organization cruiserweight champion. The bout would be televised by Home Box Office.

As recently as two weeks ago, negotiations were taking place to conduct the fight in China. But with Foreman's people also negotiatinga November rematch with heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield at Caesar's Palace, the site was switched to Las Vegas.

That was beforelast Wednesday's surprising announcement that Holyfield would fight Mike Tyson on Nov. 8. Foreman and his promoter, Bob Arum, have since filed a $100 million suit against Holyfield and his advisers, charging the defendants with making "false representations" so they could use Foreman "as leverage to obtain more favorable terms with Tyson."

"Foreman's people said they didn't really want to fight in Vegas anymore. They wanted to move it somewhere else," said Pultz's trainer, Truman Tuttle. "Then, on Monday, we were told it would be in the Bahamas.

"Once we receive the contract, it will have on it where the site will be."

Pultz said he wasn't concerned about the lawsuit interrupting his plans to meet Foreman.

"I knew going in that our fight was set for Sept. 7, whether his fight with Holyfield went off on Nov. 8 or not," Pultz said. "The man (Foreman) has to fight. There's no sense staying idle, especially when he's being offered 5 million."

Pultz hasn't disclosed how much money he has been offered to step in the ring with Foreman, but Tuttle said last week that his fighter's share of the purse during negotiations over the China site fell "somewhere between $300,000 and $750,000."

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