Foodscape makes annual appearance B


As Baltimore's annual summer arts festival approaches, so comes the complaint that there isn't much art in Artscape what with back-to-back food stands crowding the scene.

For those who find it hard to satisfy a taste for art at the festival, there is Foodscape.

Tucked in the recesses of Artscape at the Mount Royal Tavern, is the work of 10 local artists. Foodscape is their annual protest of the city's extravaganza. While Artscape is big on food, Foodscape is big on art.

Bob Alholm, Jim Burger, Dick Deurer, Terry Haney, Kelly Lane, Heidi Minken, Ann Naito, Richard Roth and Ron Russell take the art of food -- or is it the food of art? -- to the extreme in an exhibit that's more than worth a look. Foodscape will be at the tavern, at 1204 W. Mount Royal Ave., through July 27.

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