State prisons


A botched escape from the Maryland Penitentiary led to a standoff between correctional officers and prisoners who held two hostages. Though prison conditions were not the cause of the incident, the prisoners negotiating with state officials demanded better food and an end to crowding in the prison. The legislature last year turned down plans for a new prison that would have replaced the section of the penitentiary where the incident occurred. We'd like to know what you think. Would you spend more money to add prison space, or not? Do you think conditions should be improved in the state's prisons, or not?

The call is local and must be made from a tone phone. The SUNDIAL number is 783-1800 or, in Anne Arundel County, 268-7736. When you reach SUNDIAL, enter category 4600 and wait for instructions from the announcer. Call with your opinion between 10 a.m. and midnight. The results will be published in this section tomorrow.

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