'FAST, FUN FASHION' Rebecca Moses designs new line of stylish separates


New York--Maybe it's the result of the poor economy, her recent divorce or simply a welcome burst of creative energy.

Whatever the reason, designer Rebecca Moses is suddenly awash in new projects.

Though she didn't hold a fall show this year, it wasn't for lack of new garments to introduce. In addition to her regular sportswear collection, she has launched a separate knitwear collection as well as a new line called Rebecca Moses One Hundred and One. This one features perfect, go-with-everything basics, what Ms. Moses calls "fast, fun fashion."

"I decided I wanted to take a collection and its most important elements and make it easy for the customer to buy and relate to," she said. "I wanted well-made American sportswear that's as interesting as possible, that's not exorbitantly priced and not trendy."

For fall, that means such things as a white tuxedo shirt, a silk tank top, a fringed tartan skirt, a lightweight trench coat and black velvet stirrup pants. In short, garments that will fit neatly into just about any wardrobe.

And that's the whole idea. Instead of creating a collection so distinctive that the pieces look right only with each other, Ms. Moses, 32, designed the One Hundred and One garments to coordinate with lots of other clothes. In fashion lingo, these versatile pieces are called items.

Anything that has to appeal to a cross section of shoppers runs the risk of being diluted into oblivion, but Ms. Moses said that won't happen with One Hundred and One. Each item is special, not just a small part of a huge collection, she said.

"I didn't just want to do a secondary [less expensive] collection," she said, "I wanted to take the item and really run with it."

By designer standards, the One Hundred and One garments are very affordable, ranging in price from $90 to about $250. Major department and specialty stores, including Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue, are carrying the line.

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