This being another of those "Q's without A's" days, I've decided to answer the first one for you, since some of you readers have been asking for it.

Before I do, let me remind you that all you have to doto be a part of this Sidelines session of "questions without answers" is call me on the 24-hour Sportsline, 647-2499.

Just buzz me with your big "Q's," answers, remarks, knocks, or most of all, your compliments. The latter receives top priority.

Nowfor the first big "Q" -- when is the 12th annual Anne Arundel CountySun-Oriolelanders All-Star Baseball Game?

All right, Rawlings breath, the answer is: 2 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 8, at Joe Cannon Stadium in Harmans.

The Oriolelanders All-Star Baseball Game pits Anne Arundel County's best vs. a team of pro prospects, or at least, outstandinghigh school players from the Mid-Atlantic area selected by BaltimoreOrioles scouting supervisor Jim Gilbert.

In the past, the game featured outstanding college players as well as high school stars. But last year, with the late date (Sunday, Sept. 16) so that the prestigious game could officially open Joe Cannon Stadium, the high schoolerswere the center of attention.

Gilbert and the Oriole scouts decided that they wanted to concentrate on the high school seniors who will be eligible for the Major League Baseball free agent draft in June 1992. His Oriolelanders team that came into Cannon Stadium last fall and lost to our local guys, 4-1, had several players who were draftedin June.

Among the Oriolelanders drafted was Fairfax, Va., outfielder Bill Pulsipher, who was taken in the third round by the New YorkMets after being named the Washington Post High School Player of theYear.

That's the kind of kid Gilbert will bring to the game. And,of course, we have our share of those kinds of players right here indear old Anne Arundel County.

Annapolis and Anne Arundel Community College graduate Rick Forney pitched the third inning for the Arundel Suns and struck out Pulsipher. Forney has since signed with the Orioles and is pitching well with the organization's rookie team in Sarasota, Fla.

Forney was signed by Gilbert, who said this week, "Rick has really impressed everybody down there, and the club is excited about his future."

The "future" is the story on these guys, and that's why the onus will be on the high schoolers for this year's game.Four-year college and university players are not eligible by the National Collegiate Athletic Association rules to play in September, anyway, because of college fall baseball.

Community college players are allowed to play, and while the Oriolelanders will not have any, the Arundel Suns will limit the number of AACC players to three or four.

Because of all the various national tournaments in the older agegroups, choosing a date in August for the game became increasingly difficult, and it seemed like each and every year, an outstanding player on both sides was unable to participate.

With our game being the grand opening of Cannon Stadium last year, the new complex had an overflow crowd. It was a beautiful fall day with the national tournaments behind everybody.

Hopefully, we will have an encore this fall.

"September, the weather is usually great for baseball and we can get most of the top high school seniors in there at that time," Gilbert said. "The fans will get to see a lot of kids who get drafted the following June.

"The players on our team will be with us all fall,and we've got some excellent kids coming in this year."

Tryout dates for the local Arundel Suns will be announced in a future column, but a tentative date for now is Saturday, Aug. 24, at Anne Arundel Community College.

* Did all of you high school baseball players know that Frank "Jocko" Svoboda is making plans once again for the Anne Arundel County Fall Baseball League, which boasted some 16 teams lastyear?

If you need information on putting a club in the fall baseball league, or if you are a player looking for a team to play for, give Jocko a call at 761-0642.

* Is the roster for the local 18-and-under Continental Amateur Baseball Association (CABA) Tournament representative of the largest ever in national amateur baseball history at -- get this -- 72 players?

There is no limit on the size of CABArosters. And with so many makeups left in the local 18-and-under league -- which is affiliated with the CABA, Connie Mack and American Legion -- the Anne Arundel Amateur Baseball Association is not sure which of its teams will end up in the World Series, to be played in AnneArundel County.

As the host team, Linthicum-Ferndale Post No. 289gets an automatic bid to the CABA, which begins Monday. L-F will be joined by one other team from the local league. Since nobody knows who it will be, the league covered itself with a 72-man roster, which covers about four teams.

* Didn't Lew "Mr. Baseball" Holmes make anexcellent choice in tabbing former semi-pro and high school coach Doc Bartlinski to coordinate the CABA activities at Cannon Stadium nextweek?

* Isn't Big Lew's idea of having an Orioles minor league team playin Cannon Stadium half the time (paying a fee to do so) duringthe summer and local amateur clubs play the rest of the time for free a very good one?

Wouldn't that be a great way to support Cannon Stadium without the sandlotters and volunteer organizations picking up the tab?

Wasn't one of the main reasons for the construction of a first-class facility such as Cannon Stadium to draw national and regional tournaments?

If so, why can't the county Recreation and Parks and the county government get more involved to help financially support such an endeavor as the upcoming CABA 18-and-under World Series?

* Did you know that Tut O'Hara's 16-and-under Mayo Junior Wildcats team will be the first summer baseball team from this area to go to a National Amateur Athletic Union Tournament when it hits Tallahassee, Fla., July 27 to Aug. 3?

* Isn't Arundel High baseball coach Bernie Walter going to have an outstanding pitcher/first baseman next year in 6-foot-3 sophomore Tim Giles, who has a 6-2 record with 66 strikeouts in 56 innings for the Mayo Juniors, while batting .496 with 73 RBI in only 123 at-bats?

* And finally, have you heard that theBabe Ruth State Baseball Tournament for 15-and-under players is set for July 21-29 at Arundel High School in Gambrills?

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