From: Lewis Bracy


Blacks for Success

As chairman of the Black Political Forum ofAnne Arundel County, I would like to express our appreciation to staff reporter JoAnna Daemmrich for her reporting on the trouble-plaguedcounty Housing Authority.

Although there are many problems still facing the county Housing Authority, Ms. Daemmrich's articles, along with the Black Political Forum's report on the Neall administration, has yielded two positive results.

The first was the appointment ofMs. Fadia Dailey to the board of commissioners of the county HousingAuthority. Her selection returns African-American representation to the board. Second, the Neall administration has agreed to accept the forum's recommendations for unfilled positions on the county boards and commissions.

The forum would like to thank and encourage the editors of The Anne Arundel County Sun and all competitors to promote journalism that will advocate the social, political and educational well-being of its readers.


From: Mary P. Johnson

Severna Park

Driving down Ritchie Highway today and passingRealtor Gary Hart's sign, I could suppress a sardonic smile. I smiled at the irony of my earlier concern that the Realtor's good name might be tarnished by the Colorado politician's philandering. Candidate Hart was never accused of a crime more serious than indiscreet womanizing, yet his bright political career was shattered. The antics of politician Hart were not without entertainment value, however, as his candidacy fizzled on the flames of his misplaced ardor.

Unlike his namesake, Realtor Gary Hart has survived his scandal unscathed. Perhaps he did not commit the heinous crime of rape; nevertheless, a brutal form of abuse did occur inside the courtroom. There was nothing entertaining in the way the woman was stripped of her fundamental rightsto privacy, as the most intimate details of her life were revealed.

In contrast, the amount of detail revealed about the defendant wasminuscule. Clearly, the victim, not the defendant, was on trial. Whywould an innocent defendant need to employ such a brutal and relentless attack in his own defense? Are we in the theater of the absurd?

I am concerned that this case will deter future victims from reporting rapes and dissuade them from pressing charges. It was reported that we in Anne Arundel County do not understand the concept of date rape. Perhaps there are county bumpkins who are ill-informed about current realities; I'm pleased to say I do not know anyone that ignorant or naive.

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