Joe Roberts has an eye for fashion...


Joe Roberts has an eye for fashion which may stem from his early days of working in a men's clothing store. When he's not shopping, he takes his mobile DJ company, The Entertainers to parties; loves to act and writes an entertainment column for his community newspaper, "The Rooster."

How would you describe your taste in clothing?

Conservative, but I always keep an eye out for new things. When something exciting comes out in fashion, I'm there.

What's the newest thing in your closet?

I feel every man should own a black suit, so I recently had a very contemporary black suit custom made. Other new additions include several chambray shirts, which have a denim look and come in a variety of colors. They look great with the new large pattern ties.

What's the oldest thing in your closet?

When I was in Florida about 20 years ago, I bought a pair of authentic Indian ring-toed sandals which I still have. I don't wear them anymore, but I can't part with them.

Do you have a true standby that you wear to feel good?

Yes, it's a beautiful brown leather jacket that my wife gave me. I love it and when I wear it with jeans, I really feel good.

What have you held on to for sentimental reasons?

My fraternity jacket, maybe it's because I went through hell to get it. It brings back good memories.

What is your wardrobe weakness?

Ties and more ties. They seem to say, "buy me" when I walk by. Especially some of the newer, bolder ties, which can do wonders for a man's wardrobe. I must have about 300.

What's the most expensive item in your closet?

A well-tailored taupe British cashmere topcoat and the tuxedos that I use for work.

What's the least expensive item in your closet?

An Oriole T-shirt which says Eastern Division Champions that I got free during a promotion.

If you had the chance to have dinner with the person you would most like to meet, who would that be and what would you wear?

President Bush, because I think he's fascinating. It would be great to have dinner with him and talk about him, his life before and after the presidency. I'd be ultra conservative in my dress, wearing a dark pin stripe suit, with a white on white shirt and a nice stripe tie.

Do you have any shopping tips you'd like to share?

Look for sales on the better brand names; go to the outletwhere you can great prices on designer clothing. Men should buy their clothing at the end of the seasons.

If you could buy anything in the world that you wanted, what would that be?

A jet black Corvette, which would go with my black and goljewelry.

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