Some berry good ideas for the season


It's time to go berry wild, while fresh berries are at thei summery peak. As if you could possibly tire of eating them plain, here are a bushel of berry good ideas:

* Puree or blend berries with sugar or honey to taste. Spoon over ladyfingers, ice cream, creme brulee, chocolate terrine, white chocolate or regular cheesecake, or any flavor mousse or sorbet.

* Toss berries into chicken or tuna salads or salads with exotic greens.

* Spoon some red, gold and black raspberries into tart or sponge cake shells. Heat a little jelly with orange- or berry-flavored liqueur and spoon it over the berries. Chill until dessert time.

* Drizzle raspberries with framboise (raspberry liqueur). Serve plain or with ice cream, sour cream, or yogurt.

* Stir together sour cream, honey or brown sugar, and framboise to spoon over berries.

* Scatter raspberries over grilled fish, chicken, or pork. Splash with raspberry vinegar.

* To make raspberry vinegar, pour 1 pint of white-wine vinegar over 1 cup raspberries. Pour into a glass jar with a non-metal lid. Cover and let stand about two weeks or until raspberry flavor and color permeate. Use in salad dressings, on fish or poultry, or splash into club soda.

* Stir berries into yogurt. Alternate layers of berry yogurt with whole berries in a snifter or wineglass. Serve for breakfast with a basket of hot breads croissants, muffins, scones and whole-grain toast.

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