Crystal to produce HBO comedy series


LOS ANGELES -- It looks like a case of the hot getting hotter for Billy Crystal.

Crystal, riding high on the success of the movie "City Slickers," became the buzz of the television critics summer press tour yesterday when HBO previewed his new TV series, "Sessions." Crystal writes and produces but does not act in the series, which will debut Oct. 14. The comedy series centers on the relationship of a man (Michael McKean) and his psychotherapist (Elliott Gould).

It looks like "Session" will be controversial. One scene involves McKean's character opening the front door to greet a boy arriving for his first date with the man's daughter. Instead of a teen-age boy, we see a 5-foot-tall penis.

Asked if he thought the scene was a bit much, even by cable standards, Crystal said, "I don't think 'The Wonder Years' would use it. I don't think it would work as a mystery guest on 'What's My Line?' I, myself, thought it looked like Otto Preminger or an episode of Kojak."

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